The Future of Augmented Reality

The Future of Augmented Reality
The Future of Augmented Reality

Even in 2020 the hype about augmented reality technology will not stop. The virtual addition of reality with the help of AR offers more and more new possibilities and opportunities for a wide range of industries. This article provides an overview of the benefits in the respective areas of expertise and gives an outlook on how things could continue in the future.

Augmented Reality offers marketers and advertisers the opportunity to better visualize products, giving customers a better impression. Especially in the area of home shopping and e-commerce AR can score points and makes products more tangible for the buyer. In this segment, the visualization gives the customer a higher incentive to buy and also drives up the conversion rate significantly. For example, when selling interior or decorative items in home shopping or e-commerce, AR can give viewers and users a better impression of what the items look like in their own home. 

The Swedish company IKEA has been using this feature for several years now in their app Place. This year, IKEA wants to eliminate existing errors and adapt the app to the customers’ needs and taking the AR application to a new level. At the moment it is possible to place new furniture virtually in your premises using the AR app, but existing furniture cannot be hidden. To change this, IKEA is taking over the Californian AI startup Geomagical Labs, which specialises in machine vision and has developed software that allows you to quickly scan a room in 3D and then remove all the furniture in it. The room can then be completely redesigned virtually. This new feature opens new possibilities for the use of AR in the media industry.

New possibilities also developed in advertising. Classic marketing measures such as flyers and posters also benefit from AR technology. In cooperation with FLYERALARM, the app watchar offers the world’s first standardized AR flyer. Customers can easily configure their AR content on watchar Print themselves in a standardized process and also experience a particularly simple and inexpensive entry into the world of augmented reality. With the implementation of the watchar code on the A6 flyers, additional product information can be displayed and a stronger distribution of relevant content is possible.¬†

AR will not disappear from the scene in the coming years either. AR will tend to continue to establish itself and develop further in a wide variety of industries. We are excited about what the future of AR holds for the media industry and how it will influence our lives.

We even made made a video showing how the apps we mentioned above work!

This content was made by Vanessa Olariu, Lisa Meyle, Anastasia Kulenko, Christoff Dudeck, Chiara Oelke and Nadine Trommelshauser